In case you missed it. The money show.

moneyAlthough Melette, Original Diva and I are in different stages of our lives, we can all agree that it is always important to get the most out of our money. With the current financial climate we live in, that’s difficult, but not impossible. Melette gave some great advice from her sister, who is an accountant. It included writing expenses down or keeping receipts for 30 days, creating a budget for everything, even entertainment expenses, and taking a tax course before beginning a business. Diva chimed in on things she learned from her business experience (not underestimating the worth of a hobby, harvesting clientele from personal networks, and the importance of knowing tax code before starting a business, even when you hire an accountant). I talked about household expenditures, getting the most from coupons, and making smart choices for back to school (better quality supplies vs. repeated purchases of poor quality ones), but one of the most fun things I did this year was plant a few vegetables in the back yard. The meager investment of maybe five dollars has yielded great meals and snacks all Summer long.

Melette brought up several helpful money web sites on the show. One of them was Suze Orman’s. I’ve read a couple of Suze Orman’s books and they are very helpful for anybody who wants to control finances, but is not sure where to start. A lot of women make poor financial choices or delegate money planning to their husbands, without providing any input or guidance. Even in 2009. Sad, I know. Women and Money provides basic advice for women to control their own financial destinies, which can only enhance that of their families. I know I sound like a book advertisement, but if you are a woman who wants her money to go a little further, check it out at the library or go down to the bookstore, because you need this book.


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