21 Days of Cleansing – A Journey.

Last year, on June 16, I began a 21 day cleanse because I had read about several people who had done so and the positivity of their experiences. The


rules for the cleanse were that it was vegan (no meat, dairy or egg products), gluten free, free of refined sugar and no alcohol. There were clashes between me and a couple of the kids (they developed a liking for my gluten-free waffles), a slip with a little square of chocolate (it sure was good, though) and a refusal on my part to eat gluten free bread, but other than that (and the fact that some people said I was crabby at first, hmph), there was a lot of thought and insight into what it takes to bring foods from their original sources to my table. I became more passionate about purchasing and cooking local produce for my family whenever possible. Even now, a year later, I am always on the lookout for something green, fresh and healthy (yet locally produced) to incorporate into our meals and snacks.


2 comments on “21 Days of Cleansing – A Journey.

  1. Some people my behind….as the outsider looking in TJ was CRAAAAAAAAAAANKY. But I’d like to comment and say that I noticed a change in her since then. The meals that she prepares and the ingredients and food she purchases for those meals are definitely healthier and better nutrition wise. It was a learning experience for me as well.

    But she sure was cranky.

    • Change is always hard. I couldn’t eat a good number of the foods I usually ate without thinking and little people were yanking my gluten free waffles. Nobody should be forced to live on steel cut oatmeal with fruit alone :p.

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