We’re Cooking Now!

Next week’s episode of Sisters with Sense is a topic that we all love…food!  Our next show, on October 8th, will be all about food.  We are going to be discussing our favorite fall dishes and how to make them.  We are also going to be answering your cooking questions.  You can either leave us a comment or email us at sisterswithsense@gmail.com.

Joining us next week will be Chicago chef and owner of The Cupcake Gallery, Darius T. Williams of Everyday Cooking.

I always knew that sports wouldn’t be it,” boasts Williams. A self-taught cook of all things quick and easy, his passion has always centered on food. With no inspiration, other than the phenomenon of how food brings people together, Darius began cooking at a young age. “I can remember being about 8 years old and cooking what I thought was chicken,” says Williams. He later reveals that those fried chicken wings were in fact turkey wings. So it stands that he started a tradition of fried turkey before it ever became popular.

Williams graduated with honors from the Westside high school – Crane Tech Prep. He later attended Loyola University Chicago. He only attended one year and was forced to drop out so that he could find full-time work to support himself. Not giving up, he returned to college. Attending Moody Bible Institute, he graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Williams is currently enrolled in a dual-degree program earning his Masters degree in both, Business Administration and Management.

It’s the combination of flavors and the pairing of food tastes that gets him excited. Williams prides himself in creating signature dishes that have exquisite flavor profiles. Williams started the Everyday Cookin’ empire as a solution to cooking problems everywhere. Initially, it was just a hobby. This was just a small little project to pass the time. However, after popularity began to rise relative to what Everyday Cookin’ was all about, Williams did some analysis and repositioned himself. Everyday Cookin’, the food blog, is the winner of the 2008 Black Weblog Award. As a result, Williams is also a contributing food blogger and restaurant critic to the popular Chicago site http://www.inchicity.com. Today, Williams holds creative and operational responsibility for the Everyday Cookin’ blog, the Everyday Cookin’ videos, the Everyday Cookin’ radio show, and ECTV, an online network coming soon.

“The challenge is always pushing yourself harder and longer to create even better tomorrow, what you’ve created for today,” is the creative theory Williams lives by. Above all other things, he aligns himself to one simple statement, “food is my life and life is my food.”

Happy Eating,

So be sure to tune in as we discuss recipes, kitchen tips, desserts, what to NOT do in the kitchen and answer all of your cooking questions.


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