My Autum Dream.

pumpkinsoupGinger, and cinnamon are sailing through my living room to the rhythmic stylings of smooth jazz in my house. Warmth and sweetness greets my friends as they arrive at my immaculate home with awesome new paint, drapes and furniture (hey, may as well dream big). My kids are happy to greet everyone, super neat (they are as immaculate as my home) and polite and they run upstairs to play quietly and peacefully and neatly.

My friends enter my candlelit kitchen and help themselves to blood orange martinis and shrimp parcels. We talk and laugh and catch up and everybody sits down to a mixed green salad with orange slices and olive oil vinaigrette followed by a pumpkin, corn and lemongrass soup. Of course, plenty of good wine is flowing, but not enough for anybody to get out of control 🙂

More talking, laughter and music are followed by the main course, chole bhature, an Indian dish which consists of a curry made from garbanzo beans accompanied by a delicious and borderline addictive deep fried, soft and puffy bread. The night’s rich flavors would be wound down with a brown butter pound cake, black coffee, green tea, hesitant goodbyes, blown out candles and more smooth jazz with my husband as my kids would have neatly and quietly taken themselves to bed.


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