Melette’s Thoughts on The Conversation

I really enjoyed this book.  When we first started reading it Diva stated that she was feeling some kind of way about Hill Harper writing a book about relationships and he wasn’t in one.  My first question was, “How do you know that he’s not in a relationship?”  Anyway, after I thought about what she was saying, I thought, why does he need to be in a relationship to write about building a trusting and loving one?  I’m sure Harper and a lot of people have seen enough loving Black relationships to know that the couples have worked hard and long to make their love work.  You have to admire that.   I don’t think there is anybody out there who is an expert on relationships, no matter how many degrees you have or how many years you’ve been married because people evolve.

The reason that I liked this book so much because there were (for what I know) honest opinions from Black men and women on what they wanted, what they needed, and where they thought we have gotten off course.  My dream is one day marry a Black man and have a family.  I’m not one of those women who is open to dating other races.   With that being said, it was good to read that there were women and men like me out there who are looking for or waiting for the same thing I am.

Reading Harper’s journey with meeting Nichole, his missteps and finally the Conversation Party he had at the end, I was really entertained, informed and inspired.  The three tenets he gave that he learned from his journey falling in love with Nichole are great nuggets for relationships.    My favorite quote from the book is this, “It’s not easy to free yourself from fear.  It’s not easy to trust someone and to love someone.”    But I know I have to do, if I want to experience the intimate man-woman relationship that I have recently been wanting.

I would recommend this book to Black men and women everywhere and hopefully more of us can have The Conversation.


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