During President Obama’s speech given at West Point Military Academy, the SWS held a group chat.  Here are our thoughts.

Diva: You watching the President?
TJ: Yeah
Melette: Yep, just turned. So we know that Bin Laden is in Afghanistan?
Diva: Bin Laden is in Pakistan
TJ: Naw he kickin it in Pakistan. He probably goes back and forth.
Diva: The President actually gave dates
Melette: Yeah, he did. I’m in shock right now.
Diva: Do y’all agree with sending more troops?
TJ: Well, if they’re going to have folks over there, they need more people. They have needed more people for a minute.
Diva: And the reason we can’t just pull everybody out and go home is cause their country would crumble in a civil war, right?
TJ: No, the Taliban would just set up shop…officially.
Melette: Right and they would be like nino taking over the carter. Live in hostages.
TJ: Pretty much
Melette: Being president of the US is on some old other shit. I know Barack is like I coulda just sold my books.
TJ: OK…kicked back in congress and got paid. Well we allowed pakistan to get nuclear and threatened INDIA
when they been dealing with Pakistan terrorist behinds for decades.
Diva: Have y’all ever given any serious thought to the conspiracy theories of 9/11?
Melette: Yep. All the time.
Diva: Like all the scientists who say the planes weren’t enough to knock down the towers. Or the Pentagon attack……but no plane remains or debris?
TJ: I dont know. I just think it is sad that the bush administration got rewarded with a second term for their own incompetence. Then the united states got rewarded with the mishandling of Katrina. Not to mention all of the Iraqis who got robbed and brutalized thanks to the rush for oil war.
Diva: And I’m amazed that nobody has brought up the fact that the reason Dick Cheney keeps jumping up to bash President Obama is because he has reaped the most benefits from the war.
Diva: And wants to keep it going. He has made the most money!
TJ: I’m like if he was all in my grill, I’d be like HALIBURTON? Now when your crooked ole butt turns in some stock dividend checks, THEN we can talk.
Diva: I AGREE WITH THE VIETNAM ARGUMENT 100% and completely! I said it 4 years ago. This is our generation’s Vietnam
Melette: Are the 43 nations putting up 30k troops, Mr. President?
Diva: NO! Britain has long been putting pressure on their leadership to withdraw. That’s why they have a new PM. They chose someone who made it CLEAR that he was not leaving his troops in there.
Melette: Why does the US always have to be the savior?
Diva: Because we start most of the mess. Think about it….nobody in Afghanistan asked us to come over there!
TJ: And we dont finish it
Diva: WE decided to help them live a better way of life
TJ: We want to start wars and stuff
Diva: We want everybody to live like us
TJ: And then we want to RESPECT terrorist folk
Diva: And we still arguing over election results in Florida
TJ: You cant respect folk who wanna blow you up, but our country aint got that yet. See the Israelis and the Indians…..They BEEN got it.
Melette: BUT WHY? I don’t get that. Why do we feel the need to promote democracy. It’s not for everybody.
Diva: It’s just the nature of our country…always has been.
TJ: Its not all about promoting democracy. The commies were trying to take over Afganistan. We all about promoting MONTEY. It aint about democracy…it’s about that cash.
Melette: Okay. This mess is pissing me off. We have SO many problems here. So many and i’m like this is just one more thing.
TJ: Well we got problems there too.
Diva: Cause that’s what our government does……what makes those in power more money. We put people in power in other countries when it suits us. Then we take em out when it suits us.
Melette: Right. This war goes much deeper than a terrorist attack. I’m disillusioned…like seriously.
Diva: I appreciate how he is attempting to unite the country. Okay ladies….final thoughts?
TJ: How you go on tv with a time table? We will be there 18 months. All the Taliban has to do is lay low
Diva: I think it was practical and hopefully honest
Melette: Right. That’s what dude is saying on CBS right now.
TJ: they need to send our presidents to war class
Diva: I think people needed to hear a time table. US people. We can’t take nobody else getting on tv and telling us that “we won’t leave until the job’s done”
Melette: Because I KNOW I don’t want to hear that ever again. I need to know how long my family member is going to be there.
Diva: And the goal is supposed to be to train the Afghanistan army to defend themselves. So even if folk do just lay low.
TJ: Folk re elected em…shoot. They must not have had TOO many problems with it…stayin till the job was done. As far as the Taliban poppin up again, WE need to support the folk who really are against this foolishness. Not try to coalition build with Pakistan.
Melette: Right.
TJ:  WE gotta train AFGANISTAN soldiers to fight in AFGANISTAN. Where they lived all they lives? Seriously?
Diva: Yeah….because WE went over there and destroyed THEIR structure.
TJ: Well it was US AND the RUSSIANS. And why do we keep educating terrorists? All them folk come over here, get educated, and go blow ish up internationally. Whats up with that? We cant screen students better?
Melette: Do we know they are terrorists when the come over?
TJ: Folks get student visas and the state department gotta clear em. Bin Laden had history fighting in Afganistan.

Join us in January when our show resumes.


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