Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our hot topics included an article about the impact of the career of Whitney Houston (on the eve of the 25th anniversary reissue of her debut album) and the reviews of Jenny Sanford’s book, Staying True. We determined that while Whitney Houston’s career began an evolution of the opportunities for women as artists, the artists who have come after her, women like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson, have been amazing artists in their own right, as well. The only thing we could really walk away with from Jenny Sanford’s account of the unfortunate behavior of her husband, Mark Sanford, is that at least her children will benefit from her account of what happened.

Most sexually active adults believe that pregnancy should be planned, but almost have of them do not use contraception regularly. This is an especially alarming statistic when one considers that rate at which STDs are increasing among young people. There are so many myths, stereotypes and lies that affect the way people relate to each other. We talked about some of them.

Unfortunately, size does matter for men. Taller men are considered more attractive to women. The size of other things depends more on individual preferences.


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