I think we’ve had our last Tiger Woods conversation.

Well, at least until he returns to the game of golf. Melette and I can’t seem to figure out why in the world he had that press conference. He said he was working out things in private. Ok. And that he would return to the game of golf and making tons of money for his endorsements once he was ready. Ok. So he felt the need to take up media time, why?

I have to agree with the sentiments against labeling Mr. Woods as a “kid” who needs a “break”. He is not an ordinary 20 year old or something Tiger Woods is a 34 year old married, ivy-league-educated father who makes a nice living with his image. While I think his earnings and status will be impacted permanently (it definitely would not have hurt him to be more sociable to the press), he will be more than okay in the cash department.

We also talked about the sad conclusion to the life of five-year-old Shaniya Davis of Fayetteville, North Carolina. It was so hard to believe that her mother had been released, after the horrible things she allowed to happen to her own daughter, but it was a welcome change to see the search for a missing black girl in the mainstream media.

Next we discussed the pros and cons of an obesity tax on less healthy foods, as suggested by commentator and comedian Bill Maher. While it would be a good way to deter people from eating some kinds of foods, it would be bad for those who need assistance with portion control and those who live in food deserts, places where healthy food is unavailable (usually low income urban areas and rural areas).

We ended the conversation with a discussion of the long-reaching effects of the recession, based on the findings that the United States is now home to more long-term homeless than have ever been recorded (since 1948). The stories of the Eisens, a middle aged (and until recently middle class) couple who depend on food banks to eat and make too much money for food assistance (but only make two hundred dollars more per month than their income) and the Booth family (a single parent family with three children whose parent has been out of work for two years) and the dilemmas each face. We talked about health care and how because of the Eisens’ inability to finance prescriptions, they are a medical emergency waiting to happen. We also talked with the chat room folks about the issues facing women with children who are out of work who still need to provide for their needs. I guess this kind of thing happens when a country goes from a budget surplus to a budget deficit in under a decade.


2 comments on “I think we’ve had our last Tiger Woods conversation.

  1. The reason for his press conference was to stop all of the speculating that the media was putting out there. Granted, he did a bad thing not to us but to his wife, Elin. The media outlets wouldn’t let the Thanksgiving night accident go and kept digging for more dirty on him. When they found it, they hit the mother load. I find it very disheartening that everyone had an opinion on him…he is human and nobody is perfect. I have no love for the hos who laid down with him knowing that he was a married man. Can’t believe that they needed an apology. There was a time when being a mistress was a mystery. Now, every last one of them want a pay out or a payday. I do hope that they will work on their marriage and not give to the pressures of divorce.

    I can’t believe that she is being released. I bet in a matter of time, she will be pregnant again. Why do some folk deserve to be parents. SMDH!!

    Dear Skinny People: We hate you!! Go tax some lettuce and tomatoes. Oh, wait…that is Organic food. When a big gush take you away, they will be more food for us. Love Ya : The Fatties.

    We all have to tighten up the belts. Food pantries are a Godsend. I regularly donate my points and money to the cause.

    • Hey Jaminontheone!
      I’m really surprised that anybody is even concerned with that accident at this point, but I could see where it would have started a feeding frenzy. While I’m not a member of the Tiger Breezy Fan Club, they weren’t married, he was. The onus was on him to think with the right head. I think mistresses are a bad thing, because nobody keeps those secrets forever and somebody always gets hurt when it all comes out.

      Don’t hate the skinny people!!! LOLOL. Cool on the food pantry donations!Keep up the good work 🙂

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