Contact your senators.

This evening we talked about how senators who receive money from payday lenders are stripping legislation of its power to protect consumers from predatory lending. Go to this site, find your senator and make your voice heard.


2 comments on “Contact your senators.

  1. A few tips for those writing their Senators. If you are going to write, don’t send your letter to their D.C. Office. Send it to the office that is either the closest to where you live or to where the Senator resides. Note, I said “letter”, because I think sending a letter via postal mail is more likely to be read than a random email that gets sent via the Senator’s website. Plus, if you just send an email, all it will do is sign you up for the Senator’s mailing list, which will surely be used to solicit campaign funds from you when re-election time comes. Another tip: Stick to one issue per letter. That way, when the letter is received, it can be channeled to the staff member that’s best equipped to address it. If you’re lucky enough that one of your letters is on a topic that is of the Senator’s interest, it may well be brought to their attention, and they’ll use you as a feckless example when they speak on the floor. LOL.

    • These are great tips. Thank you so much, Genius Deferred. The one issue per letter tip is especially good advice.

      I have received replies to email requests and letters, so I will say if you are pressed for time, send an email letter and follow up with written correspondence if you don’t receive a reply within ten days, or a phone call if your issue is more urgent.

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