In case you missed it. Ladies First pt. 2

In hot topics, we opened about what is big news in popular culture and how American consumers of media really need to insist on seeing more of what is going on in the world that does not involve actors, professional athletes and reality stars and their personal lives. Remember that guy that we said we were done talking about until he returned to the spotlight? Well, he’s back. Smh. For now.

We discussed the situation with gay proms in Mississippi and while we didn’t agree with the action the school took, we did wonder why she had to run her date and choice of attire by her school. Maybe she thought just showing up would create an incident.

It was really interesting to discover that Sweden is the best place for women on earth, in terms of equality and opportunity and very disheartening to discover that the United States ranks 17th, just above Costa Rica.

Then it was time for the main event, the discussion of the problems facing women. Several media sources had really bad news for women in the past two weeks. First, it was disclosed that the average single African American woman had a net worth of five dollars. While I’m not sure if that is the average, there are so many factors in a report like this. Institutional racism in the United States has all but eliminated opportunities for a lot of people of color, especially women of color. Factor in the destruction of the African American family (families with two parent households have a significantly higher likelihood of property ownership and college education, two big factors in generational wealth building) and the current situation could definitely be more desirable. Melette and I talked about the importance of making better choices, in terms of romantic relationships and workplace relationships and how that can help.

The herpes epidemic is twice as likely to strike women as it is men. Over one in five American women and almost one in two African-American women are infected with the Herpes virus, according to a recent CDC report. While Herpes is not deemed as serious as HIV, there is no cure and there are many consequences of an infection, one of which is a greater likelihood of cervical cancer.

We closed the show with a discussion of the effect of the higher number of concealed weapon licences and what this could mean for victims of domestic violence. It is more challenging than ever to be a woman, but there are more opportunities than ever to make progress and pave the way for the next generation of women.


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