Dr. Dorothy Height, GURU, Urban food deserts & other Hot Topics

Last week, we paid tribute to the lives of two great icons in the Black community: Dr. Dorothy Height and GURU.  Dr. Height was an unsung hero in the civil rights era and one of the organizers for the famed March on Washington.  Dr. Height served as an adviser for US Presidents Eisenhower to Obama.  She was dedicated to the work of social justice for all and women’s rights.  She will be missed and the world was so much better for her being a part of it.

We also lost Keith Elam better known as Guru of the hip hop group Gangstarr.  TJ posted a video for you to see what Gangstarr was about musically.  Elam graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Business Administration.  Guru suffered from multiple myeloma.   He was a pioneer in hip hop and he will be greatly missed.

TJ sent this great article from The Root about the people of Chicago taking a stand against urban food deserts in a green way!  Please read it.

It has been 15 years since the Oklahoma City Bombings that claimed the lives of over 160 people.  It was the largest number of casualties due to domestic terrorism until September 11, 2001.  We got into a spirited discussion about the domestic terrorism that has been happening to Black folks in the United States since we were brought over here on slave ships.

We ended the show with the hot button topic that seems to be on the minds of ABC and Nightline: Why is it so hard for successful Black women to find mates?  Nightline had a panel of guests: Hill Harper, Steve Harvey, Jacque Reid and Sherri Shephard.  From what I was told it was an interesting discussion.   I hope that all successful Black women who are having trouble finding mates got what they needed from this discussion.  As for myself, I have bigger fish to fry and more things to worry about.  I need to make sure my nephews get advanced degrees.  I need to make sure the Black boys in my community get the chance to go to college.  I need to make sure to stress to every Black man that I know to be a positive influence in the life of a young Black man.  My relationship status is another worry for another day.  I appreciate that ABC and all the other networks are worrying about it for me, though.

Join us this week as we discuss what’s going on in the world this week.


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