Goldman Sachs, Reparations, the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Side Pieces.

This week opened up with the announcement that the SEC would be pursuing charges against Goldman Sachs for fraud due to financial dealings the company made at the beginning of the housing crisis. We talked about how this company, which has served as employer for the two most recent treasury secretaries, and how it actually made money off of the mortgage industry implosion.

Reparations came up again as a conversation topic throughout the blogosphere after Henry Louis Gates Jr. wrote a piece in the New York Times that addressed the role of Africans as active participants and beneficiaries of the slave trade. I don’t know if I agree with his conclusion, but it is an interesting piece. As are Jack White’s and Michael Gomez’s. Concerns about keeping the New Orleans Jazz Festival’s home flavor in the post Katrina era were also  a part of the discussion.

2010 has got to be the unofficial year of the side piece. The year started with the women Tiger Woods chose to keep company with off of the golf course and now, Rielle Hunter, with her GQ spread and her O tv interview. I have to say that the most hilarious clip of the interview that I saw (I wouldn’t have dreamed of watching it in its entirety) was when she told Ms Winfrey that she wouldn’t tell her if she and John Edwards had a relationship because she “has boundaries”. Mind you, she doesn’t have the boundaries to keep everything quiet for the sake of her child’s future or keep her clothes on for the GQ layout or even leave a married man alone, but when it comes to the status of the relationship, that’s where she draws the line. Uh huh.


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