Times Square, Immigration, Southern Flooding,Black Tea Partiers, The Boondocks, and NFL legal troubles

It seems like the news is still unfolding about the incident in Times Square. It is really interesting case, Melette and I discussed, ┬ábecause as much as our news media and government is attempting to tell us that this person really meant great harm, there are facts that continually come out that do not support this. He carried a high powered, automatic rifle and lots of extra ammunition, but simply parked a car with the weapon in it at the airport. Don’t get us wrong, though, we are thankful for whatever happened because countless people were spared.

Arizona’s most recent legislation, sb1070, gives state law enforcement the power to round up suspected illegal immigrants. Lots of people, from Al Sharpton to Major League Baseball, are calling for protests because of the unfairness of profiling that would take place to enact this law. We talked about the shortcomings of racial profiling and the distrust of police that still lingers in minority communities, but we also discussed the need for the United States to take real responsibility for its borders and protecting its citizens from the war that has erupted south of the border. I got a little emotional on this one, I think because I know what it takes to complete the immigration process and am not sure I agree with a free pass every 20 or so years.

We were really sad upon hearing about the lives lost and property damaged by the flooding in Tennessee and Mississippi, as well as the pollution caused in the Gulf Coast area by the oil that continues to leak into the gulf of Mexico.

Melette and I also agreed that African-American Tea Party members should not be subject to such fierce ridicule simply because we have no idea what possesses them to embrace the ideals of that group. I don’t understand the actions of a of regular, white, Tea Party members. I’ve seen them fight to get rid of politicians who exercise the type of fiscal and social conservatism they claim to believe in and fight fiercely for. Maybe a memo needs to be sent out or something.

Aaron McGruder has never been the type to play nice when it comes to what expressing his disagreement with things that are accepted in the black community. The election of the first U.S. president of African descent should not have been expected to have been different. It was addressed on the premiere of Season 3 of the boondocks. Two of our chat room guests, Noodlez and GeniusDeferred shared their election experiences, from losing friends to just encountering people who were a little TOO sold on our 44th president of the United States.

The show ended with our discussion of the sad turn of events involving the rape arrest of NFL retiree Lawrence “LT” Taylor.


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