This evening we celebrated the end of our second season and gave special shout-outs to Melette’s father, who will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow and our chat room guest, Show stopper 2 (Coya) on her birthday. A lot has happened between last season and this, including the departure of one of our original hosts. Melette and I are really thankful for all of our listeners, callers, chat room guests and show guests this season. On our shows, we’ve discussed everything from the state of American politics, the Haitian Earthquake, the violence in Jamaica, the controversial law adopted by the State of Arizona and last, but not least, the BP Deep Horizon Oil Spill off of the coast of South Louisiana. We celebrated the achievements of great black citizens in this country in February and mourned the loss of too many luminaries. Without you, our readers and listeners, we know this would not have been possible. Thank you so much for your part in all of this! Have a wonderful Summer! Wear your sunblock! We’ll be back August 12. Join us!


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