They don’t make reality shows like they used to.

Wow. What a Summer. Hard to believe it’s gone. We talked about the situation with North Carolina schools and wondered aloud if kids like Chicago’s Tanaja Stokes would get the attention of their local police that kids like Kyron Horman of Portland seem to. Oh, and we talked about the baby mama blitz of 2001 starring Carmelo and LaLa Anthony (coming to VH1 in September), TI and Tiny and Ms. Keys and Mr. Beats.

We talked about the ethics issues of Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters and of course the bundle of reality that just ended, Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger. An awful lot of people are appalled that Mr. Trump executive produced the show, yet they all tuned in knowing that it was the Omarosa brand bachelorette (is she still in divinity school?what?). Based on the content in the clip above, should somebody on that show have done more research?  How do you wind up on a dating show when you have a wife?


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