The Apprentice, Tyler Clementi, The Chicago Mayoral Race & The Fisher Price Recall.

We now have a recall page (look up at the toolbar – it says Recalls by date). From now on, when we talk about a product being recalled, you can go to that page for a short overview of information about the recall and links where you can get more information. It’s a real sign of the times that we deal with so many recalls, but we are glad we can offer a resource for people who are concerned.

In local news, Raleigh’s Wake County Schools are being charged with intentional racism by the North Carolina NAACP. In the Portland area , which has been named one of the safest cities for kids in America, Bethany Storro is pleading not guilty to charges of theft for misusing those funds that she got when she falsely announced that she had been attacked with acid.

Next we had our Apprentice update. Fortitude and Octane are at it again. This time they were selling ice cream on a hot day in New York. Both teams opted for Union Square and appeared to be as desperate as all get out. The most gangster move of the task would have to be Tiana’s decision to give away free ice cream at the end of the task to ruin sales for Octane. A close second was Octane’s decision to show up early at Fortitude’s spot. Alex was fired because he had the lowest sales and was portrayed as inept by David. No worries, though as the follow up after the show informed audiences that Alex had found a dream job in his chosen field, construction.

The sad story of Tyler Clementi was brought up as well as the question of whether his roommates should have been charged more seriously, given that their actions resulted in Clementi’s death by suicide.

We talked about the Chicago mayoral race and the hopes that the winner really makes some progress toward improving the city’s issues. Candidate news has included speculation on whether an anti-gay candidate could win and whether Jesse Jackson Jr. would have a credible run given his domestic issues and ties to the Blago scandal. Unfortunately, we had to revisit the Eddie Long scandal as fourth plaintiff has emerged.


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