Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe it’s here already!

Our show kicked off with a short discussion of how we spent our holiday breaks. Melette spent her holiday with her family and I spent my holiday with mine. Everybody had a wonderful time and a blessed Christmas. I loved her story about how her father’s excitement over his Christmas presents. Not much has been going on in the Pacific Northwest, but lots has been going on in the Research Triangle.

The Wake County Public School System has hired a new Superintendent, who has no education experience, but sometimes maybe that is a good thing.

Melette also mentioned this year’s Women’s Empowerment Conference, Radio One Raleigh’s largest and most anticipated event. Each year it is presented at the RBC Center. Women attend the conference to network and glean inspiration. Then she announced the key note speaker – Steve Harvey. I had to catch myself, because when I think of Women’s Empowerment Conference, I usually imagine a woman delivering the key not address. Melette said that past speakers have included Queen Latifah, Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad and women of that caliber, so why Steve Harvey? I think his first book said a lot that needed to be said about dating and the way some women navigate their relationships, and he has done great community service, but I would not want to see him as the key note speaker at a women’s empowerment seminar. Melette agreed wholeheartedly.

We talked about the reading of the constitution, and how the republicans objected to a full reading of the constitution, which would have included things like the three fifths clause, which stated that vote of slaves constituted three fifths of one vote of whites. After the reading was under way, a classless person in the gallery felt the need to heckle the president in the house of representatives. I know that some republicans and tea partiers pride themselves on being coarse and uncooth, but it does get old.

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, came up. While I was happy about his opportunity and the fact that he has been clean for two years. I sort of wondered about his nine children and the impact that his life choices had upon them.

We took a moment to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, which is a laudable achievement, indeed.

While we were on our hiatus, we got the sad news of Teena Marie’s passing. While it was announced on Twitter that Chuck Berry had died, he is recovering from an on-stage collapse.

We closed the episode in tribute of Teena Marie with “Portuguese Love”.


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