Test Episode 5.

We’re back! Sort of. Diva, Melette and I are in the process of refining the kinks out of our video program. Last week we talked about bullying in the NFL, Saturday Night Live’s latest effort to make light of the fact that they have only had four African-American comediennes in their regular cast in almost 40 years, the incidents and allegations at Macy’s and Barney’s and the spying between the United States and Brazil.

Richie Incognito has been suspended from the Miami Dolphins while the team investigates charges of bullying against the lineman. On twitter, Incognito claims that he will clear his name, despite the fact that he has been recorded on Jonathan Martin’s voice mail using racial slurs and threats.

Representatives of Brazil and Germany proposed a resolution at the UN that would strongly address the kinds of unauthorized surveillance found to be utilized against them by the NSA. Monday, Brazil admitted to, well, doing the same thing (unauthorized surveillance) to diplomats from the United States, Russia, Iran and Iraq.

Saturday, Kerry Washington, as guest host, took part in an SNL skit that made fun of the fact that there are no African American women in the regular cast. I’m not a regular watcher of Saturday Night Live,  and I have to say that the whole situation – from Keenan Thompson’s attempt to justify the lack of diversity in the cast to Saturday’s attempt to laugh the whole thing off – makes me want to watch Saturday, just so I can advise those who wish to boycott them.

Al Sharpton, who was in the episode opening, met with corporate leadership from Macy’s and Barney’s to address allegations that African American shoppers have been targeted and detained by New York City Police Department. A spokesman from the police department said that the police had received calls from security personnel of each of the stores. Macy’s and Barney’s denied making the calls. Al Sharpton proposed a boycott if changes are not implemented to avoid profiling. Diva said that most African American shoppers did not have the self-awareness to follow through with a boycott, but I think that anybody who thinks  he or she would be a target for false arrest, detainment or other police harassment would tend to avoid the conditions  that would preclude said harassment.

African Americans are projected to spend 1 trillion dollars per year by 2015, according to a recent Nielsen Company study. Our community must learn to expect more in return for the money we spend.


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