Our first live public hangout – Midterm Elections Aftermath.

This week we looked at what went on, or did not go on during the midterm elections.

Mia_Love_by_Gage_SkidmoreMia Love is the first female black Republican (Mormon or otherwise, but she is Mormon) to serve in the House of Representatives. She has been elected to represent Utah’s 4th Congressional District and formerly served as the mayor of Saratoga Springs. Diva in Demand had great respect for the life her parents built as Haitian Immigrants with ten dollars in their pockets. I shared that respect, but voiced a concern that the primary characteristics highlighted in the bid to raise money for her campaign were not her proven experience or leadership, but merely the fact that she is black and female. With no Federal legislative experience or academic credentials, she purports to be the CBC’s worse nightmare and pledges to turn things upside down. We all agree that she isn’t going to make the waves she thinks she will.

We talked about the great number of people who sat out the midterm elections, which tend to be lower voter turnout elections in general. It is still important to vote, even when the president is not being reelected.

?????Melette shared a news story with us about Lincoln University President Robert R. Jennings expressed, at the female convocation of that school, his concerns about women who make false allegations of rape because of a consensual sexual encounter that produced less than favorable results. Melette and I had strong negative feelings about the potential impact of the speech upon women who find themselves the victims of attacks, while Diva in Demand pointed out that false accusations do happen and perhaps the president could not find any other way to reach the female student body as a whole. Jennings later said that it was not his intent to discourage anyone from reporting a rape.

sigma pinWe closed with commemoration of the fact that Wednesday, November 12, 2014 will mark 92 years of service for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated. The sorority, of which all of us are members, was founded by seven educators on the campus of Butler University at a time when racial violence and discrimination was a grim reality in our nation. Diva and Melette challenged our sorors and viewers to serve our fellow man in celebration of the achievements of our beloved Sigma.