About Us

Sisters with Sense

We are three educated African-American women who have known each other for over a decade. Although we are at different stages in life, and have our own strong opinions, we connect and grow and learn from our interactions. Once a week, we hold one of our discussions on YouTube. Sometimes we talk about serious topics and sometimes hilarity ensues, but our unique perspectives definitely color our conversations. We are Melette, TJ and Diva in Demand.

About Melette

Melette is a woman that believes strongly in family.  She’s the single sister out of the trio, trying to navigate successfully through this life on her own terms.  Like everyone, she’s  trying to achieve her piece of the American Dream. She is also concerned about helping others get their piece of that pie, and is strongly committed to service to her community and leaving the world better for being a part of it.

About TJ

The biggest challenge  and greatest joy TJ has ever experienced in her life has been rearing her children to become  spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically healthy adults who contribute toward making the world they live in a better place. She also likes spending time outdoors, cooking, gardening, music, crafts, photography, playing with makeup and the occasional tinkering with a computer.  Her adventures (sometimes just her views and opinions, but who says those aren’t adventurous?) and those of her kids have been chronicled via blog for the past nine years.


About Diva in Demand

Diva in Demand is a professional woman on the rise who is working to expand her influence so that she can create more opportunities for the next generation. She likes to share the things she learns about so stay tuned for her latest discoveries.